Your Body Holds Your Emotions

And stuck emotions cause

all kinds of problems!

In this online course, you’ll learn a powerful self care routine that’s super easy to do and powerfully calming to the whole of your being.

This emotional self care routine is something you do in bed!

  • While first waking up in the morning
  • In the middle of a restless night
  • When your falling asleep at night
  • Or all of the above!

This practice is taken from ancient Taoist principles that believe your organs hold your emotions.

I have modified and created a “bed practice” to self-soothe and calm my feminine soul. It’s truly been a life-saver for me!

I’ve used this practice for years. It’s come and gone in my life and now

I find it especially powerful during these transformational times.

This practice transforms:

  • Sadness into Courage
  • Fear into Trust
  • Anger into Kindness
  • Rage into Joy
  • Worry into Centeredness

Emotional Wellness comes from knowing you are supported and all is well no matter what’s happening around you.

This easy self care routine will bring you “back home” to you.

Ready to learn a powerful yet simple self care routine?

Learn how to transform fear and anxiety into love and positive transformation in your life.

In this online course you’ll learn:

  • The importance of holding your female anatomy as sacred.
  • The brain/vagina connection for health and wellbeing.
  • The different organs and their associated emotions.
  • How to create “vibrational nourishment” in your body.
  • How to access your “womb medicine” and ovarian breathing.
  • The actual self care routine – a divine feminine power tool for life.

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A Divine Feminine

Self-Soothing Practice

A power tool for these changing times.

Are you feeling:

  • Overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety?
  • Having sleepless nights?
  • Disconnected from your true feminine nature?
  • Stressed out, confused, and frustrated?
  • Insecure about the future?

Some things are just out of your control.

They've been passed down to you.

  • A toxic world.
  • Stressed relationships.
  • Misunderstandings and even abuse between people.
  • Generations of unhealthy patterns.

All of this affects your ability to be fully human - to be in your feminine. The female pelvis and vagina, parts of the body that historically and even currently have been mistreated and dishonored, hold trauma, physically, sexually, and emotionally.

Trauma disconnects you from your body.

Sadly, it's become a state of normal in our society and many women aren’t fully aware of it. Those that are have been faced with overwhelmingly discouraging realities.

As a woman, you're the “innie.” It’s in your anatomy! You are supposed to receive! But you’ve had to armor and protect instead - being in a world that doesn’t understand the feminine.

Your Feminine Energy is Healing, Calming and Grounding

Your womb and heart have divine healing medicine for you.

Do you know how to access it?

It’s not the kind you’ll find at the doctors. It’s within you waiting to be awakened. This self care routine – a divine feminine self-soothing practice will re-connect you to that medicine and your divine feminine power.

The problem:

  • We live in a world that doesn’t understand or support the feminine
  • Your needs are often overlooked or not even considered
  • You think your crazy – but it’s a result of lack of validation
  • Your mind gets busy
  • Then Tells you scary stories
  • And you disconnect from your body – your feminine power.

The solution:

  • Learn how to reclaim your body
  • Hold “her” as sacred and access "her" medicine
  • Be part of the transformation that is now needed
  • And trust that when you do good things will come your way

Learn a Self-Care Routine that Takes Up No Extra Time!

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